Diesel Truck Wars will redefine diesel competition.  A grass roots style of diesel competition is beginning to emerge and we want to be on the front line.  A competition series made for racers by racers. 

Chris Parker   Chrisparker84@hotmail.com  @fueled_by_haters_

Buddy Callaway   buddycallaway55@gmail.com     @buddy_callaway

So many Diesel events now are out of reach in terms of competition for the weekend warrior. If you don't own a diesel shop or are  affiliated with a team, any chance of competing seems like a lost cause. The teaming masses want to race their  equals. They want to race their co-workers. They want to race that chump on Facebook running his mouth. They just want to race.

Diesel Truck Wars

Our Objective

race for racers

Diesel Truck Wars has heard the outcry and is here to answer the call.  The stage is set, the weekend warriors await, scores will be settled, the social media hecklers will be laid  to waste. Pick your poison.